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Introduction to business management
In the past three to four decades, many management theorists, and writers have made remarkable contribution in the study of management. By studying the various approaches to management analysis, we can understand the concept of management and have a better understanding of managerial functions. Which approach to management emphasizes managing people by understanding their individual psychological needs?

(a) Empirical Approach (b) Decision Theory Approach

(c) Management Science Approach (d) Interpersonal Behavior Approach

(e) Contingency Approach.


The communication process is made up of various components. Which of the following is the actual physical product from the source?

(a) Feedback (b) Filter (c) Message

(d) Channel (e) Understanding.


Which of the following would not be an accurate depiction of the differences between strategic and tactical planning?

(a) Strategic planning is developed mainly by upper-level management and tactical planning is generally developed by lower-level management

(b) Facts for strategic planning are generally easier to gather than facts for tactical planning

(c) Strategic plans generally contain less details than tactical plans

(d) Strategic plans generally cover a longer period of time than tactical plans

(e) Managers who are engaged in the development of strategic plans tend to work in more uncertainty than those managers engaged in the development of tactical plans.

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