Campus hazing summary writing assignment help

I have a group presentation and this is some of my friend’s part.

2-Issues of Concentration


 Hazing is used to define activities that are mandatory when one becomes part and a member of a certain group. The activities mostly encompass: humiliation, degradation, abuse and endangering of the person intending to join the group. Hazing activities are commonly associated with injuries and therefore, been associated with negative outcomes which led to the practice becoming illegalized

Role of the students

 Students can take part in the following practices as a juncture of achieving this agenda: they can seek more information about hazing practices; this way they can prevent themselves from getting hurt and others getting harmed,  engaging in open forms concerning the process of joining various organizations, speaking up to an organization’s leaders and the campus administration when potential signs of hazing are observed and checking out various resources on the various ways that hazing can be avoided and prevented.

 Role of the administrators

 Administrators take part in the formulation of anti-hazing policies in the campuses. One of the most effective ways of preventing hazing is implementing anti hazing and zero tolerance hazing policies. The various measures that the administrators can take include: broadening the range of the targets of anti-hazing initiatives to include students, facilitating anti-hazing awareness through platforms such as social medial and assemblies, conducting follow ups by meeting with the various student organization leaders to determine how effective the anti-hazing policies have been, enforce repercussions for violating the laws and establishing campus student councils on hazing prevention effort.

So I need a summary based on this.

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