Can you develop a likert semantic differential nominal and ratio scale

The management of Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant would like to capture some data/ information from current customers that would help address the following set of research questions: (1) What type of Mexican-oriented food items do customers prefer? (2) How often do customers dine at Mexican themed restaurants per month? (3) How important are food prices, food quality, restaurant atmosphere, and service in customers’ process of selecting a restaurant to dine at? (4) How satisfied are customers with the food quality and customer service at Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant? and (d) How many people make up their current household? Using your understanding of scales, develop the following scale measurements:

a.  Develop one ordinal scale measurement each for capturing data relating to the following:

  i.   Customer’s ranking of different cuisines based on their preference

  ii.  A paired comparison scale for four popular Mexican-oriented food items

  iii.  A constant sum scale for four popular Mexican restaurants in Waco market

b.  Develop appropriate scale measurements for the following:

  i.   The number of times customers dine at Mexican themed restaurants per month

  ii.  The household income of their customers

  iii.  Gender of their customers

c.  Develop semantic differential scale measurements that would capture data for addressing the importance of (1) food prices, (2) food quality, (3) courteous staff, and (4) restaurant atmosphere in selecting a restaurant

d.  Construct Likert scales for measuring customers’ perception regarding (1) food quality,  (2) cleanliness, and (3) menu options at Santa Fe

e.  Construct a Likert, Semantic differential, and a Stapel scale for understanding customers’ perception about customer service at Santa Fe

f.  Develop ratio scale measurements that would provide data concerning (1) current household size, (2) number of years of education, and (3) age of customers.

g.  Develop an appropriate question to measure customers’ intention of dining at Santa Fe Grill Mexican restaurant if one is opened in Waco.

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