Career Development Plan

Assessment Instructions

For this assessment, the focus will be on your career development.

Read the Career Development Plan Instructions, linked in the Assessment Resources, and follow the steps to develop a five-year career development plan for yourself. Assess your current goals and competencies and create an action plan for development.

Write your career development plan in the form of a 2–3 page paper, including all of the following:

  • Define your target vision, including your career goals over a minimum of five years.
  • Define the competencies required to support your career goals.
  • Analyze your career goals.
  • Conduct an analysis of your current competencies and report on your findings.
  • Create an action plan for the fulfillment of your career goals.

Cite a minimum of three resources for this paper, listing them on a References page in APA format. (The References page should not be counted in the number of pages for the assessment.)

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