Case Study

APA format, reference included, APA text-citation, 1 1/2 pageRead the case and answer the question at the endOn October 4, 2010, roughly one million cubic meters of liquid chemical waste burst from a red mud reservoir of the Ajka Alumina Plant, inundating the small village of Kolontár, Hungary . The 2-4 meters high wave of toxic sludge flooded the small village west of Budapest. Hungary’s worst chemical accident killed six Kolontár residents immediately, and injured more than hundred village inhabitants that suffered severe chemical burns caused by sodium hydroxide found in the sludge. You are the Town of Kolontár Emergency Manager and within hours of the event occurring, you receive a call from the Hungarian Prime Minister offering your assistance.What kind of assistance do you think you will need within the initial Incident Action Period and the remainder of the first week, while in the response phase?

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