case study Tesla Motors, management homework help

Step 1: Case – Tesla Moters (Case 26);

Step 2: Do the Research Perform some general research on the company you selected and become familiar with the company. (The research alone will require at least an hour or two of your time, so please allow ample time to complete this case analysis.)

Step 3; Conduct Your Analysis of this company. Use the VRINE Model, described in your textbook, to describe how your company has achieved its financial results. Consider doing a SWOT Analysis. Follow the guidelines in the text for organizing your case analysis. There is a SAMPLE CASE ANALYSIS in your TEXT.

Step 4: Write Your Strategic Analysis. Suggested format of your analysis: (use the APA format for writing your paper)

  • Include a cover page on your paper.
  • Introduction to the company you selected
  • Address each question in application of the VRINE Model as it relates to your company. Be sure to explain your rationale.
  • Have a Summary paragraph or two at the end of your paper to highlight your major ideas and strategic recommendations.
  • A References section should follow the text of your paper to show all the resources you used in analyzing your case.

You should be able to do an adequate analysis in APA 7-8 double spaced pages, including your cover page and references listing. Run a spelling and grammar check before submitting your paper.

please follow the instructions in the attachement

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