Descriptions of the scene in a book

Setting the scene in a book is an important  when it comes to fiction. The landscapes and interiors, in which the plot develops, are not just a background, but a “speaking” background that makes the story livelier and more exciting.

Description scene in a book: living sensations

scene in a bookThe author’s task in describing the scene is not just to create a visual image of the plot, but to use all the reader’s senses, from sight to smell, plunging him into current events with his head. Together with the hero, he must hear the surrounding sounds, smell the smells, feel the warmth of the sun, or, on the contrary, shudder from the chilling cold.

Visual images should reflect the psychological state of the character – remember the famous Oak from the novel “War and Peace”. In a good book, natural phenomena, structures, objects, lighting, colors and smells not only characterize the surrounding area, but also emphasize the character’s mental attitude.

Talking details

Concentrate not on the big picture, but on the “speaking” details. Depending on the place and situation, the following may matter:

  • A gust of spring breeze
  • Rustling leaves underfoot,
  • Dew drops on the web
  • The smell of the sea breeze
  • The shape of a cloud on the horizon,
  • Glare on the water,
  • The sound of water dripping from the tap,
  • The feeling of warmth from the fireplace on the skin,
  • Distant highway noise,
  • Reflections of city lights in puddles,
  • Slogans on billboards …

It can be anything, even the crunch of a crust of sugar crust brulee, broken by a teaspoon. The more sensuality in the descriptions, the more chances of success.

Draw with a word

So that the reader does not miss the scene in a book, they should be pictures in the 5 D. The phrase “It was very windy and chilly” is not an option. If the hero is scared and cold, the reader should feel the chilling wind, tremble and wrap himself in a blanket. Linguistic images will help to activate his imagination. The wind should knock you off your feet, the snow crumb – stab your face, the hopeless darkness – cause despair.

The main thing is to know when to stop. Too many details, even the most poignant in perception, can be tiresome. This is especially true for dynamic scenes – in the description of a scene in a book, brightness, brevity and capacity are important. The details are very important, but there should be few of them so as not to distract from the main thing.

Finding inspiration

Every writer attracts his muse in different ways. In order for the pictures of the invented world to easily float to the surface of consciousness, you just need not interfere with them.


If the muse suddenly flees away, relax and take a walk in the fresh air. Leave your smartphone at home, take a coffee to go and, perhaps, the real world will give you fresh ideas. Signs are everywhere!


Many people need their favorite music to brainstorm. Light the fireplace, turn off Wi – Fi, and put your favorite vinyl on the turntable. Inspiration will help bring back the quiet rustle of a needle on a gramophone record against the background of a beautiful melody.


Why not? The writer is the same artist, and if the picture doesn’t fit into words yet, try drawing it on paper. This will make it easier to imagine the places you write about.


scene in a bookThis is not about religious rituals – we can do without incense and “Omm”. Just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and let your thoughts float freely. Do not strain your brain, and the desired images will come directly from the subconscious.

There is no single recipe for finding inspiration. Do whatever your intuition tells you. Let your imagination run wild and you will succeed.

How to write a description in a book: tips

  • It is quite easy to describe the surrounding reality, but if you write about places you haven’t been before, you will have to supplement your fantasies with facts. Read documentary prose about the area chosen for the work, see photos and articles about it on the Internet. Otherwise, literary embarrassment may occur.
  • Do not let go of the book from you, even if you are busy with household chores. Call the picture in your head in any situation. Ideas can be generated even while washing dishes or traveling on public transport.
  • Don’t part with your notebook or voice recorder. A brilliant novel idea may come to you all of a sudden – it’s important to write it down right away so it doesn’t slip away from your memory. Returning to your desktop, you can incorporate it into the plot of your book.
  • Read on! The greater the variety of genres in the description of the setting you find in the literature, the more likely you are to find your unique style.
  • Reread your novel often as you work. Without regret, delete all unnecessary details from the scene in a book and revive the scenes with new, more accurate, bright and tasty ones. Close your eyes, imagine yourself in the place of the hero and write down everything that may come into his field of attention, depending on the emotional mood of the hero and the situation


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Completing the book: how to properly “finalize” your work correctly

bookWhen starting to write a book, most authors already know how it will end. Of course, in the course of the development of the plot, everything can change, and the result of the manuscript will turn out to be somewhat different than originally intended. But the main thing is that it should have the desired effect on the audience, not leave readers feeling dissatisfied or bewildered. Therefore, the competent completion of the book is the most important part of the work of a writer. How to finish your work with dignity and vividness.

Varieties of book finals

You can finish your creation in one of the following ways:

  • Come up with an open ending. This option often involves a sequel. The first book may not even reach a climax, but only outline the circle of participants in the action and outline the main conflict. Such endings are used, first of all, by the authors of science fiction, fantasy and fairy tales. Literary works that do not imply a sequel (thrillers and horror films in which evil is not caught) can also have an open ending.
  • Write a conditionally closed end. In this case, not all points are fully clarified. The main intrigue is over, but the last pages are written in such a way that a sequel could be explicitly or indirectly assumed. For example, an orphan girl finds a new home with a loving adoptive mom, but she also wants to know about her biological parents. If the writer decides to create a sequel, he will not have to rack his brains over the development of the story for a long time – all the “hooks” for a new conflict and intrigue are already ready.
  • Write a closed end that doesn’t involve a sequel. All storylines are completed, conflicts are resolved, the fates of all characters are determined, etc. Love novels and many literary works in the genre of realism almost always end in this way. The detectives also assume a closed ending, although often a cross-cutting plot with the search for the Most Important Villain continues over several volumes.

Often, prose with a closed ending ends with an epilogue, in which the results are summed up, the main and secondary storylines are completed, and what happened to the characters further is told.

What other finals are there?

bookAlso, book endings can be false, when it seems that the intrigue has been resolved, the future of all the characters is extremely clear, the villain is defeated, etc. Behind the imaginary ending, the present appears, which can completely erase the false. The intrigue enters a new round, one of the characters suddenly dies, the real villain remains free, etc.

Sometimes the ending turns out to be indefinite, implying multiple interpretations. In a detective story, either one or another character can be a criminal, and the reader must decide for himself who the real villain is. Or the hero finds himself at a crossroads, and his subsequent actions can only be guessed at. However, writers rarely force their audience to think up something on their own. They either write a closed ending, or they write a sequel that clarifies the future of the characters.

In addition, the book can end with a return to the beginning, looping the plot and once again pronouncing the main idea raised in the first pages of the text. Usually this technique is used in short stories and short stories, rather than voluminous novels and multivolume sagas.

Avoid abrupt endings

Quite often a manuscript ends abruptly, suddenly. The main danger of such a move is that the ending may seem crumpled.

For example, characters prepare to fly into space and build a spaceship, overcoming all sorts of external and internal obstacles. And now the ship is ready, the astronauts sit in it and … everything ends.

The plot culminates and ends immediately, as if the adventure is just beginning, but no one will know about it. It is undesirable to complete your work in this way – it will leave the audience with a feeling of understatement.

Possible problems

Books with unexpected endings have the greatest effect on the reading public. These are not only detective stories, where the identity of the criminal is hidden until the last, but also stories and novels of any other genres.

Wanting to wow audiences, many creators end their manuscript with a contrived twist – a sharp plot twist that changes the perception of what is happening in the style of the films “Sixth Sense” or “Others.” But even if you have come up with the most original twist in the history of literature, it is better to refuse it if it conflicts with the logic of the previous text.

Another problem for aspiring prose writers is the inability to stop in time. The author is so fond of his characters that he does not want to part with them. And the ending is all postponed and postponed, although the key conflict has already been resolved. In this case, it is worth leaving the groundwork for the continuation and returning to the same characters with a new story.

What to do if the story never ends

bookIt happens that a writer cannot complete a manuscript, not because of unwillingness to say goodbye to his favorite characters, but because he simply cannot compose a worthy ending. In this case, you need to return to the beginning of your creation, remember what it was actually written about, and what thought do you want to convey to the reader – just transfer it to another world, teach something, make you think about something? Based on the main idea of ​​the book, and write its end.

And it will not be superfluous to look at the events described through the eyes of key actors. How did they develop throughout the story, who did they eventually become, what did they achieve? This will also help you come up with a suitable ending for your characters.

Keep in mind that a bad ending – contradicting the logic of the story, crumpled, far-fetched, or simply ridiculous – can spoil the impression of the entire book. Don’t disappoint your reader – be able to complete your text logically and on time. And if you plan to write an entire book series, finish each volume so that the audience is looking forward to the continuation – effectively and moderately dramatic.


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Factors Needed to Effectively Address Clinical Problems

Clinical ProblemsWe will delve into factors needed to effectively address clinical problems.

  • Clinical experience
  • Ability to correctly formulate a clinical question
  • Ability to find the answer to it

Types of clinical questions that need to be resolved with questions regarding a particular patient

  1. Treatment– evaluating the effectiveness of treatment interventions. The clinical outcome is an improvement in the condition of patients or a decrease in the risk of complications.
  2. Risk assessment is an assessment of the possible adverse effect of various influences on the condition of patients, morbidity and mortality.
  3. Diagnostics– an assessment of the information content of a particular diagnostic method.
  4. Forecast– assessment of the further course of the disease

Characterizing a well-formulated PICOT question

  • Aimed at achieving a specific goal
  • Study parameters well defined
  • Scientific-clinical and relevant
  • To which it is possible to receive an answer

To formulate a PICOT question correctly, it is necessary to define the problem, i.e.:Clinical Problems

  • First, determine who this question is about (How would I describe a group of patients like mine).
  • Determine which intervention is being considered for a specific (this) patient (eg, drug therapy).
  • What intervention is the intended intervention compared to?
  • Determine the desired or undesirable outcome.


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How to formulate a good PICOT question

PICOT questionPICOT questions play an essential role in Evidence-Based Practice. Questions come as background questions, and informational, but become PICOT questions if a decision must be found that affects questions to practice.

What is the best PICOT practice?

What available studies are there to help with the PICOT decision?

When completing a PICOT task, one needs to have an understanding of the concepts listed below:

  • Both background and foreground questions should be understood.
  • PICOT to EBP process importance.
  • Reasons why Interventions is the target of a PICOT question
  • PICOT format components
  • Question formulations
  • PICOT role in database selection and search strategy formulation.
  • PICOT use to choose relevant studies from the search retrieval

What are the PICOT Questions?

PICOT questions are defined as a front question, but complicated. PICOT questions that mainly have four characteristics and necessary in making clinical decisions. They help on Interventions comparisons of health care experts on patients caring to decide beneficial intervention. Most questions address Diagnosis. and Therapy

PICOT questions include:

  1. P – patients who have had an acute myocardial infarction 1 – prescription of ACE inhibitors in the early postinfarct ion period C – 2 groups of patients with MI: 1st group – receive ACE inhibitors on the first day of myocardial infarction; 2nd group – do not receive ACE inhibitors
  2.  P – Patients after hip arthroplasty I – Antibiotic prophylaxis C – Standard preoperative management O – Postoperative infection S: SB, RCT Focus question: to what extent should antibiotic prophylaxis reduce the risk? Of postoperative infection in patients. Are they undergoing hip arthroplasty?

Role of PICOT Questions on Evidence-Based Practice

The primary use of PICOT questions is setting the questions. PICOT questions are said to be a formula that is best used in the EBP process.


When one formulates a PICOT question, he is creating a formula that serves several actions:

  • Identifying questions components, thus focusing on the questions.
  • Define the method that will be taken when one is performing a literature search
  • It helps to ascertain articles in the best question search address retrieval.
  • Determination of whether studies recognized in search address the primary question
  • The process will ultimately offer the information required to decide if the question’s intervention should have an implementation.PICOT question

Intervention focusses of the PICOT question.

Where does one find questions?

The questions may arise during the patient care, maybe question from a patient, when a new policy is considered, when standards indicate a problem, when a procedure manual is updated, when providing care in another way where consistency is required, or else a new guideline will alter how activities are done in your facility.

Start with a scenario:

  • Intervention is something new that one is considering in addition to present policy and procedure.
  • It is usually an experimental group in studies.
  • When an individual is conducting searches, one should start with intervention.
  • The intervention is the opposite I from comparison; it represents the current activity.

These studies usually have a control group. When one is answering questions, outcomes are always: Is this intervention, also is this decision figured on evidence, and not opinion. Should we replace our practice?


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