cell cycle and cancer biology homework help

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The most significant connection between the cell cycle and cancer is usually that cancer, in any of its various forms, causes disruptions in the cycle to the effect that cells are no longer able to reproduce and divide in a normal way. There are many different kinds of cancers, and likewise many different sorts of cells. The two don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, the effects are usually profound. One of the most basic ways most cancers operate is to “reprogram” cells at the molecular level to regenerate endlessly, instead of making one or two copies of themselves as they would following a normal cell cycle. This often results in tumors and other growths, and can also lead to mutations that work sort of like “time bombs” waiting for some triggering event in the future to activate them. Many cancer drugs and treatments look for ways of keeping the disease out of the cell cycle or at least limiting the damage it can do, though the problem is often a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Professors Sir David Lane and David Glover, two of our key scientists, have built a leading position in cell cycle drug discovery and development. Sir David discovered the p53 protein, a key regulatory gene that malfunctions in about two-thirds of cancer patients. David Glover discovered several genes (Aurora and Polo kinases) that drive mitosis and that in mutated form are linked to many cancers.


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