Characteristics of Child Development assignment help

Characteristics of Child Development

Through your readings this week, you learned about basic developmental characteristics and how each can serve as a window through which to contemplate and more fully understand child development. Focus specifically on the five developmental characteristics discussed in the Berger text ( Berger, K. S. (2016). The developing person through childhood (7th ed.) i.e., development is multidirectional, multidisciplinary, mulicontextual, multicultural, and plastic) and on the additional characteristics described in the Smidt text Smidt, S. (2013). The developing child in the 21st century: A global perspective on child development (2nd ed.)i.e., development is embedded in history, culture, and economy).

Answer the following questions:

Which of these developmental characteristics are familiar? Which are new?

Which of these characteristics would I like to explore more closely? I chose culture

In what ways are any of these developmental characteristics important to prenatal development?

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