Charmin Toilet Paper Draft Research Paper help

The purpose of your paper is to prove or disprove your premise regarding a product with

your research. A product is an item or service offered in exchange for something of value.

Summarily, your work on this paper should enhance your research and writing skills by

utilizing practiced principles, terms, and definitions regarding marketing’s community of


You are expected to convey your thoughts, analysis, interpretation, and principles of

marketing in written form regarding your product. Your work should reflect the standards

for the community of practice in marketing. The main body of your work is your analysis.

Your product analysis must include discussion of each of the five functions. No less than/no

more than one page should be dedicated to each function and how it relates to your

product. Be sure you cover positive and negative decisions your manufacturer has made in

the five functions relating to your product selection.

After completing this section you should be able to prove /disprove your thesis. Please

note, your Introduction and Background sections will be no more than one half page each.

The focus of this paper is analysis and the five functions.

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