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Choose a story by Jewett, Anderson, Chekhov, O’Connor, or Munro.

Sarah Orne Jewett, “White Heron”

Sherwood Anderson, “The Other Woman”

Anton Chekhov, “The Lady with the Dog”

Flannery O’Connor, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Alice Munro, “Boys and Girls”

Write an essay of at least 750 words (3 pages) in which you analyze a some aspect of the story like character, setting, point of view, issue, or theme. Your approach should be analytical. More effective essays will have sufficient evidence from the text being analyzed.

Focus your analysis on only one story. Note that the audience for your essay is someone who has not read the text that you are analyzing; therefore you should include enough background, description and summary of the text that you are analyzing so that one can understand what you are trying to analyze.

At the end of your essay write at least one healthy paragraph describing what you attempted to do in your essay and a description of your thinking and writing process for coming up with the topic and approach the writing task ( a reflection of your writing process).

The grading standard sheet is attached below


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