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OBJECTIVE: The objective of the group project in this course is to provide you with the skills and the opportunity to practice them to help you analyze and design a web based information system. Later in this document, you have been provided a brief about the business issue/situation you need to analyze and then design an information system to address the business issue. You will only analyze and design the system but not implement it in this course. You will be required, however, to create a simple prototype using LightSwitch tool from Microsoft or prototype tools available for free on web As part of analyzing and designing a web based information system for the purpose of the project, you will have to:

  • ï‚·  develop an information technology service request

  • ï‚·  analyze the requirements for web based information system

  • ï‚·  identify system requirements (functional as well non-functional) for the web based information

    system based on requirements developed by your team

  • ï‚·  model the requirements using different modeling techniques (functional modeling, data modeling,

    and object oriented modeling)

  • ï‚·  develop a system test plan for the web based information system.

    SYSTEM TO BE STUDIED: The business system you will investigate and analyze has to be selected from the following systems (additional details about each business system have been posted separately on Blackboard). Each team is expected to indicate its preference for the system it would like to work on for this project.

  • ï‚·  Web based system for West Coast Floral Inc. (WCFI)

  • Each team will pick one of the above projects and will be required to develop a functional requirements document based on the information needs of the above business it has selected. You will have the flexibility to include any additional requirement over and above those identified in the information needs description provided to you.

    PROJECT TEAMS: You are required to form your teams within the first two weeks of classes. Identify the class mates you want to work with and provide your instructor within the first week of classes with the names of your team members. Each group should ideally have three people, but no more than four people are allowed.

PROJECT DELIVERABLES AND REPORTS: The project consists of three phases or parts (Phase I, II, and III). The requirements for Phase I are described in detail below. The requirements for Phase II and Phase III would be provided at the appropriate time during the semester.

Phase I: Requirements Consolidation and Development of System Requirements Document

Your first task is to clearly identify the functional requirements of the business that your team chooses to use for its project. This is to help you develop an understanding of what the system must be able to do. At the end of Phase I of the project, you will be required to submit a report.

The description of the information needs provided to you is not necessarily in the form of explicit functional requirements. Therefore, you would need to think critically to identify the functional requirements for the system you have to design. It would be helpful if you analyze the business processes of the company and list down the business activities that the business has to perform on a day to day basis.

In addition to the functional requirements, you have to identify what kind of data you will have to store in your system and what kind of management reports you may have to generate from the system. Some information about management reports or data to be stored in a database might have already been provided in the business case. You might need to expand on that. Therefore, as a team of system analysts, your job in Phase I of the project is to:

ï‚· Develop a system description and requirements document for the business case provided to you. It is STRONGLY suggested that each member of you team independently reviews the business case description provided to you and make his/her notes to be shared with other members of the team.

o Create a brief description of the proposed system. It should provide an overview of the proposed system. This section should be 1-2 pages long (single spaced)

o Analyze the information needs provided to you for the business case and create a list of functional and other system requirements. You can also include some additional requirements or features that your team thinks would be interesting to have in your proposed system. This step involves categorizing the requirements in bullet-points form. You need to use the system requirements form that is available on Blackboard to document your requirements.

o Prepare a detail description of functional requirements for the proposed system that your team wants to develop for the purpose of this course. At this time, you need to provide details about each requirement (not in bullet form). You might want to include a description of about a paragraph or two for each functional requirement.

o The final set of requirements should also include information on what kind of management reports you would need to generate from the web based systems and what kind of data/data tables you want to store/create in the database. While some of the business case descriptions do provide you information on what kind of management reports or data is required, it might be difficult for you initially to come up with the list of reports you will need to generate or the data you want to store in the database. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you consult with your instructor on a regular basis to work on this part of the report after you have prepared the initial set of requirements.

You are required to submit a report for Phase I of the project. This report is designed for the ITM steering committee at the business for which you are designing the system. Your reports will be checked for grammar, spelling, content, organization and clarity of information. Your report for Phase I should follow the following format.

  • ï‚·  Cover sheet with project’s name, group name with list of members and the date of the deliverable for the report. Please vertically center this information on the page

  • ï‚·  Table of contents for the remainder of this report

  • ï‚·  System Service Request for the web based information system to be developed (See example in

    Course Documents on Blackboard)

  • ï‚·  Brief description of your project (write 1-2 pages about proposed system)

  • ï‚·  A section on System Requirements

  • ï‚·  A section on Detailed functional Requirements

    o This section should also list management reports you will need to generate from the proposed system and details on data you want to store in the proposed system’s database.

  • ï‚·  Mock up screen layouts for initial set of screens to be developed for prototype. You can develop it using available mock-up screen prototyping tools for free on web or using Forms feature in MS- Access. Information about free available tools would be provided in the class.

  • ï‚·  Baseline project plan for Phase I of the project created with MS-Project

  • ï‚·  Project tracking reports/screen shots of tracking Gantt chart showing schedule adherence and project progress at each meeting time

Assigned Points

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4 5 6 7 8 9

Grading Rubric
PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, Fall 2016 Systems Analysis and Design
Phase I: Team Name (…..)


Phase I

Baseline project plan

System Service Request

Project Brief Write-up

System Requirements

Detailed Functional Requirements

Management reports and data

Mock-up Screens

Project tracking and screen shots

Report formatting/Writing Style/Grammar

Total Points 

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