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With the implementation of cloud computing services, businesses need to ensure that any data stored in the cloud is secure. Furthermore, the customers of these businesses expect the data to be protected. So organizations need to take a close look at what access and security controls need to be implemented. Access controls constrain what a user directly does and also constrain what programs execute on behalf of the user. However, information regarding how to secure the cloud is sparse, and what exists in the literature just looks at due diligence about implementing what is already done.

In this Individual Project, continue to build on to the Key Assignment for this course—which you started in Week 1—by adding a new section titled, “Current Strategies for Securing Cloud Computing Services.”

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3–4 pages:
    • What are 2–3 of the most effective access controls and techniques?
      • What do you recommend to help secure the cloud for your chosen company?
    • What are the best methods for securing data at rest (DAR) and data in motion (DIM)?
      • Be sure to cover what is recommended, and be sure to give your recommendations and why you are making those recommendations.
  • Reference all sources using APA style.


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