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Describe what you want to achieve in your info communication technology strategy and any immediate barriers. For example, if you were launching a blog, this would be a one-paragraph description of what type of blog you want to create, who the audience is, and what type of posts you’d do and how often. If you were starting a YouTube channel or a podcast, what kind of content would it feature as part of initiative? If you were using Facebook or Twitter, what would your “social media response” team need to know about goals and stakeholders to do this well?


What you are trying to achieve? Keep in mind the following strategic considerations:

• Research (including monitoring, social listening, reports, and other data) that identifies challenges, issues, and opportunities that affect your strategic approach;

• Summarize competitive landscape and/or the stakeholder dynamics of issues relevant to the initiative;

• Do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis – see chart below.

Strengths/Identify Current Strengths

Weakness/Identify Current Weaknesses

Opportunities/Identify Potential Opportunities

Threats/Identify How the Initiative may be vulnerable


What you are specifically trying to achieve? This should be quantifiable and tied into evaluation – use SMART (strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based) objectives. For example, increase recycling by 20 percent within two years of project start; ask in what ways would social media outreach and posts to try to influence behaviors in the quest to realize this goal? (NOTE: the table below can be adapted in whatever way the group sees fit, you can add columns or rows, to make it reflect the planning needs of initiative.)







All the things you do to bring your project to life: Include marketing, digital, sponsorships, events, PR, newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, Facebook contests, YouTube videos, promoted posts and ads, website and other digital elements, tweet chats, podcasts, blogger and influencer relations, and hashtag campaigns.


Most real-life projects include a budget. This should include out of pocket expenses (design, web/blog design, original photography, video production, promoted posts/ads, etc.) as well as agency or freelancer costs and staff time for this component of project.


• Timeline should show how the various elements work together to achieve your objectives.

• It should also include a column for who is responsible for completing each task.

• It should clearly state timing and duration of all critical decision points that could prevent project from moving forward. (Groups may wish to differentiate their own project goals with imagining this as a real, living idea that would generally have a three-year funding window, with extensions in funding possible based on outcomes and performance needs into future.)

Results (evaluated once the initiative is complete)

Based on your measurable objectives, how will you then summarize where you are, what you’ve achieved, and where you fell short? What kinds of relevant charts and graphs and reports might you wish to generate? How would this happen and how would you collect feedback along the way so that initiative can be completed as planned.

Learning/Recommendations (evaluate once the initiative is complete – not part of the actual lab)

Based on your results, note whether or not you achieved your objectives and goal, which parts of your strategy and tactics worked, which areas need improvement, and what you would change and why?

What actionable recommendations would you have for the future in light of the results?

Please post your Lab on Communications Social Media Analytics Plan for Group Project Initiatives here; be sure to include your 50-150 word statement in which you discuss any difficulties or issues encountered and how the group worked together on it; tell something about the how/why of choices and why that matters to collective thought process on initiative moving forward.


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