Compose a 1500 words assignment on racial discrimination in the american criminal justice system….

Compose a 1500 words assignment on racial discrimination in the american criminal justice system.

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Social factors and well as economic factors have also been cited as some of the factors which lead to the racial discrepancies in criminal justice.

The justice system in any country, much more in the most democratic nation on earth (USA) is set to provide justice to all at all time. Justice, all over the world, is considered to be blind, failing to see any differences in race, color, economic or social class etc. It is also considered to be naked, in that it has nothing to hide. But has the justice system in the USA been smeared with racial biases? Are some races more likely to get the tougher side of the arm of law or is this claim just another prejudice against the US justice system? Scholars from various disciplines such as social justice, law, criminology and others seem to agree that racism in the criminal just in US is a smelly issue that has not been tacked completely for a long time.

Racism seems to start with the very arm of the criminal justice that is closest to the civilian, the law enforcement. Racial profiling is an issue that has existed for a long time. In this regard, people from particular races such as the African Americans are more likely to be stopped by a police officer, interrogated, or even held against their will for no apparent reason. This issue of racial profiling is one that has sparked heated debate across various academic disciplines. While the law enforcement has been seen to be racist in the way they carry out their work, racism does not seem to stop there. The court system in the US as well as the correctional department, both at national and state levels has also been accused of racism. Some claim that rulings in court are more likely to be swayed by the color and race of the offender and the plaintiff.

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