Concept Integration Exercise 2, management homework help

Using the job that you identified for Integration Exercise 1, please complete the following:

Describe in detail the interview plan that you will use for evaluating job candidates. Specifically:

a. State whether you would use a structured or unstructured interview, and explain in detail your reasoning.

b. Give specific examples of the behavioral and/ or situational questions that you would use for the interview, and explain what information those questions would yield.

c. Describe the overall interview process. Would it be a single interview, and with whom? Or, would it be a multi-hurdle process?

b. Describe specific steps you would take to eliminate bias in the interview process.

Ps: The job that I identified for Integration Exercise 1 is Human Resources Manager position. For this assignment, please answer questions one by one. Copy the question in a new document, and then answer the question. At least 1000 words for this assignment. Thanks!

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