Conceptualization sociology homework help

Read the link and answer the questions, questions must be done by 3pm tomorrow?

Assignment 4


Go to the following website and spend some time investigating their mission, strategy and information.  You have to take the well-o-meter quiz yourself in order to find and explore many aspects of the site.  You can find the well-o-meter quiz by typing “well o meter” into the search box at the top right.  You will see it come up down on the left side of the page.  Click on the orange square to start the quiz.   

1)  How does this organization define “well-being”?

2)  What is the American Human Development Index?  How are the three components defined?

3)  Pick the fact from each of the five “factoid” sections that stands out most to you and talk about it.  (Sections are: Health, Education, Standard of Living, Other Domestic Issues, and International Comparisons.)  You must open a new window and go to google.  Type in “measure of America factoids” and it will take you to the factoids page.

4)  What “Domestic Issue” do you feel has been left out?  Explain.

5)  What is your HDI?  How do you feel about this?  Explain.

6)  Enter your zipcode.  How does your zipcode measure up to the state?  To the Country? 

7)  After spending time on the site and answering these questions, how do you feel about this information? 

8)  How might you define “well-being”?  Why?

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