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08.03b Conics Collage


Find at least three examples of conic sections in the real world (marketing, architecture, nature, etc.). Make sure your collage demonstrates at least two of the conic categories you have learned. You may use circles, ellipses, parabolas, or hyperbolas. Arrange your images on paper or in a document.

Your collage can be created using a variety of mediums: scanned image, PowerPoint slide, word processing document, etc.


Respond to each of the following prompts in a word processing document.

  1. Write a brief description about one of the conics from your collage.
  2. Write the equation that represents your conic in its standard form. To do this either find the measurements of your conic example to create the equation or guess the measurements of the conic.

Your assignment must include:

  • Your conics collage.
  • A description about one conic from your collage.
  • The standard form equation of one of the conics.
  • An explanation of how the equation for the conic was found.
  • At least 100 words in complete sentences with appropriate grammar and spelling.
  • Provide the source used for information (i.e. the website, the book etc.). Not providing your source may result in an Academic Integrity violation.


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