Conservative Ideology, management homework help

Assignment from nickkynickky

Length: 3 pages, typed and double-spaced. (One inch margins, twelve point font.)


 Based on your reading of his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention, to what extent is Donald Trump a conservative?

Tips and hints:

Your paper will be evaluated in terms of: (a) the clarity and thoughtfulness of the central argument (including the presence of a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph); (b) the organization of your paper as a defense of your thesis; (c) the depth of engagement with the course readings; and (d) basic writing mechanics (including grammar, punctuation, avoidance of sentence fragments and run-on sentences).

Be sure to explain what you understand to be some of the core feature(s) of conservative ideology based on the reading from Heywood before then applying that understanding to your interpretation of Trump’s speech.

If you want to argue that Trump is conservative in certain respects and not conservative in other respects, you need to clearly explain which strand of conservatism or which conservative concepts and values his speech reflects and you need to clearly explain which strand of conservatism or conservative concepts and values his speech deviates from.

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