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Chapter 2

1.How are market segmentation, targeting and positioning interrelated? Illustrate how these three concepts can be used to develop a marketing strategy for a product of your choice.

2.Some marketers consider benefit segmentation as the segmentation approach most consistent with the marketing concept. Do you agree or disagree with this view? Why?

3.How can a marketer for a chain of health clubs use the VALS segmentation profiles to develop an advertising campaign? Which segments should be targeted? How should the health club be positioned to each of these segments?

4.Explain how marketers can use each of the following into data predictive analytics: (1) the websites consumers visit; (2) consumers’ levels of engagement with visited websites ( i.e. the pages viewed, lengths of visits, return to site frequency); (3) visitors’ interesting, lifestyles and personalities e.g. from the contents of their blogs, twits and Facebook profiles; (4) visitors’ purchases, almost purchases and abandoned carts, and product returns and exchanges.

5.What is the relationship between benefit segmentation and positioning?

the positioning is based on the benefit segmentation and according to the result of benefit segmentation to posit and find the consumers. Actually, the benefit segmentation suppose, describe and explain the positioning.

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