Corporate Finance, business and finance assignment help

Please complete the questions within the assignment below by using the attached file for Chapter 6 pages 206 207.

For this assignment, complete the mini case, “Goodweek Tires, Inc.,” located in Chapter 6, pages 206–207 of your Corporate Finance text. This mini case focuses on a company that is looking to produce and market a new product. You are asked to take on the role of a financial analyst to evaluate the project of producing and marketing the product, and to provide recommendations on whether or not the project would be a good investment.

As you complete the assignment, make sure that you use the materials presented in this course to justify your answers. The optional activities provided in this unit, and possibly the optional finance problems in the previous unit, may help you with completing this mini case. Refer to the Mini Case: Goodweek Tires, Inc. Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the expectations of this assignment.

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