Corporate Investment and Finance

1. True or False  Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis generally assumes that firms hold assets passively when it invests in a projects

2. True or False  The opportunities to expand a project if the project is successful is a valuable option that should be integrated into the analysis

3. True or False  Some companies spend money up front to reduce the cost to abandon a project if the project is a failure 

4. True or False  Generally, post audits should be conducted to improve the process the next time.

5. True or False  Sensitivity analysis provide an unambiguous accept or reject rule. 

6. True or False  It is rare for the underlying variables of a project to be interrelated.

7. True or False  The break-even sales level to breakeven in NPV terms is always lower than the breakeven level of sales necessary to breakeven in income terms. 

8. True or False  Scenario analysis looks at the project by changing one variable at a time 

9. True or False  The larger the cost of the project the higher up in the corporation the appropriation request must go for approval.

10. True or False  The wrong objective for the division could lead to wrong projects being proposed and accepted.

11. True or False  In reality most people are quite comfortable assign probabilities to variables 

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