Corporate level strategy discussion questions, management homework help

Please answer each case with about 500 words.   The cases are in the attached PDF.  Also attached is a Powerpoint about corporate level strategies provided by the professor.  

The due dates are staggered and the first 2 questions are due in 2 days. 

Case: Johnson and Johnson  (pp. 605-611)  THIS ONE IS DUE SATURDAY AUGUST 13TH By 10PM PST.  

Discussion questions: 

1. What are the core competencies of Johnson and Johnson? 

2. How does J&J create value through diversification? 

Case: Heineken (pp. 547-551)  DUE AUGUST 19TH BY 10PM PST

Discussion questions: 

1. Based on its recent international expansion style, what can we say about Heineken’s international strategy (global, international, multidomestic or transnational)? Justify your answer 

2. What are the main tactics used in the global beer industry to improve profitability? 

Case: Johnson and Johnson (pp. 605-611)  DUE AUGUST 25TH by 10PM PST

Discussion questions: 

1. What is the decision making style at J&J? Centralized or decentralized? 

2. How is the organization structured? Functional, divisional or SBU structure? 

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