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Your Code of Ethics As you move ahead as a sports professional, it is crucial that you establish an ethical baseline from which to make your decisions. Understanding who you are, and what you believe in is the first step in making sound moral decisions. How much time do you put into yourself, your program, or your profession? This assignment will challenge you to identify your own moral guidelines that will help you make the best possible decisions once you are practicing in the field. Your code of ethics can help drive your belief structure and outline your principles. Does/did any of your teams or programs employ a code of ethics to help shape expectations for participants? Does your place of employment have a code of ethics posted anywhere? Why, or why not? This project will challenge you to reflect on your own belief structure or your place of work’s fundamental foundations. What do you stand for? What does your work believe in, and hold sacred? Create a code of ethics either for yourself personally and professionally, for your team, old program, or current place of employment. The purpose of this project is to walk away with a functioning tool that you can use in a specific aspect of your life. What do you stand for, and what are you willing to overlook? If you are a coach, you can create a code of ethics for your team, if you are a teacher for your classroom, and if you are a manager, for your staff. Your goal is to reflect on a specific belief structure and establish a code of ethics that can be applied. Post your code of ethics along with a brief narrative that describes: 1. Why you selected the topic for your code of ethics 2. Why this code of ethics is important 3. How you expect the code to be received Format Your code of ethics so that it works for you. It must be easy to read, and easily understood. This code should also be visually appealing and have a professional finish. *Criteria Identify an applicable area to create a code of ethics Address a minimum of 15 items within your code Formatted Code of Ethics and Narrative with your code of ethics *The paper must be cited, detailed as possible and references at the end


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