Create at least 3 ovals with red, green and blue filling usign the right/correct… 1 answer below »

Create at least 3 ovals with red, green and blue filling usign the right/correct

technologies/API’s. Do not use images in your solution. Inside each circle, show the

number of times it is dynamically clicked on. If I click the green circle 3 times, it

should show “3” in the center. Each circle should track its own clicks. Have a button

to clear the number of clicks, FOR EACH individual circle. 2. Write an application that determines if what the user types into a textarea is a

palindrome. Have a button that activates your check. See for a good list. If it is correct, dynamically show a

checkmark (find a 15×15 sized checkmark on Google images website.) If not value, show a red “X” images (again, find a 15×15 image from Google images)

3. Add a function to an Array. Then, add “8”, Then, add an empty array. The function

you need to create shall be called “firstOne”. It returns a string that says, “I was

invoked” into the console. You must show it working by creating a small example. In

your working example, have a button that will go through the array, and if the object

in your array is a function, then invoke it. If in debug mode, we should see the



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