Critical Thinking

Purpose of the Assessment

Ethics are a broad way of thinking about what constitutes a good life and how to live one. They address questions of right and wrong, making good decisions, and the character or attributes necessary to live a good life. Environmental ethics apply ethical thinking to the natural world and the relationship between humans and the earth. Environmental ethics are a key feature of environmental studies, but they have application in many other fields as human society grapples in a more meaningful way with pollution, resource degradation, the threat of extinction, and global climate disruption.

Goal of the Assessment

After reading the Ethical Dimension of Sustainability article, you will use your knowledge and skill set to answer questions that put thought into action.

Components of the Assignments

Part One

  1. Read the Ethical Dimension of Sustainability article that is found in Blackboard, or via the following link (

Part Two

  1. What could you contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society?
  2. Pick one topic of environmental ethics (pollution, recycling, climate change, forest degradation, etc.) What kind of ethical arguments would best persuade you to assume an obligation for the well-being of future generations?
  3. Many people only perceive two of the pillars of sustainability: environmental protection and economic development. Why do you think it is more difficult for people to recognize the role of social equity (justice)? Don’t just discuss in theory, but use a real life application to example your thoughts (example…food deserts in urban areas).
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