Critically investigate the impact of aviation uniforms on health and safety…. 1 answer below »

Dissertation Aim: Critically investigate the impact of aviation uniforms on health and safety. Objectives: 1. To Conceptualise and contextualise uniforms within dynamic aviation environment. 2. To conduct and audit of the current uniform requirement standards in airlines. 3. To examine health and safety issues associated with uniforms 4. Recommendations Introduction Rationale Uniform in airlines- Meaning and concept Uniform is a very vital variable for any airline. As explained by Sari (2017) by means of the existence of a uniform, the entire airline becomes coordinated together and it becomes easy for the customers of the airlines to identify the employees of an airline. If the flight attendants are dressed in a uniform, it becomes highly catchy to the eyes of the people on board and the people on board are intrigued and glued at the fashion that flight attendants walk in the flight. In the absence of uniform, the customers will find it difficult to identify the flight attendants from other people. Sari (2017) has also mentioned in his paper that it is also very important that the airline designs a very catchy and classy uniform for its employees as it has been seen previously that the change or introduction of a new uniform in any airline creates headlines in the newspaper. This is the reason by the various airlines in the market invest heavily on the uniform of their flight attendants.


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