We will learn about a typical DM process through the real-life case of Cassandra. Read the case prompt and answer the questions according to the requirements.——————————————————————The Case of CassandraOnly months before turning 18, a Connecticut girl has been told (attached file) by her state’s supreme court that she must undergo chemotherapy against her wishes in a case that has drawn national headlines and raised questions about what rights minors truly have over their bodies.  The teen, identified in court papers only as “Cassandra,” was removed from her home in December after she missed medical appointments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph system. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  says the disease is highly curable, with an 85% chance of survival. Doctors proposed a six-month chemotherapy course. Without it, she is likely to die in two years.  But Cassandra balked at the treatment and said she didn’t want to go through with it. Social services became involved and, after an emergency legal appeal, the state’s high court said on Jan. 8 the teen could be forced to receive the therapy.  Cassandra’s case stands apart from the right-to-die movement, which aims to give terminally ill people the right to physician-assisted suicide. And she hasn’t objected to the treatment on religious grounds, which are often cited when minors — or their parents on their behalf — refuse medical procedures. According to Michael Taylor, one of the family’s lawyers, Cassandra has not closed the door on chemotherapy, she just wanted the chance to look into alternative options and felt she was not given time..The Leukemia and Lymphoma Societyhttps://www.lls.org/lymphoma/hodgkin-lymphomaright-to-die movementhttps://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/11/03/the-future-of-the-assisted-suicide-movement-after-brittany-maynard—————————————————————-Questions: Respond to the questions below to evaluate the case:[1] Identify the problem. (This is the first step in the DM process)[2] What are Cassandra’s choices (discuss two). What are your choices based on your group perspective (discuss two). (An important stage of weighing the alternatives).[3] Gather information. What information should Cassandra gather that would be helpful to know before making a decision? What information would you gather based on your group perspective? (Information gathered to assist in the decision made).[4] Consider the outcome. What would be the results of the decision? Consider the possible outcomes of all decisions stated in #2. (Each alternative has a likely outcome or consequence).[5] Make the decision. What should Cassandra do? What will be your decision on behalf of Cassandra based on your group perspective? What DM model would be relevant for application? Is it the same for Cassandra and you? Explain. (A critical stage where a choice is made and implemented).[6] Evaluate your decision. Why do you think Cassandra perceive this is the best decision possible? What about your decision? (The impact of the decision is made to determine if it produced the right/expected outcomes).Requirements:(a) Respond in at least three, typed, double spaced pages.(b) Use at least three relevant citations to support your response. Use the APA style.

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