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Part One (due in 8 hrs+)

As seen during many public health disasters (Katrina, oil spills, etc.), public health policy tends to be controversial. Discuss various reasons as to why public health policy creates controversy. In addition, discuss how public health officials can make them less controversial without sacrificing the core issues.

In your discussion, consider economic impact, civil liberties debate, and stakeholder interference among other possible sources of discourse.

APA Format, with in text citation


Part two (due by Saturday 28 April 2018)

Cumberland County Biowatch Role

Research the public health agency in your jurisdiction, and develop a presentation on its structure, response capabilities, surveillance tools, and role in emergency management.

In your response, include a description of the community served by the department, its emergency response structure, surveillance systems that are used at hospitals, biohazard detection system (BDS) sites, and the department’s role in Biowatch. In addition, provide an overview of the department’s role during emergencies where it serves as the lead and where it serves as a support agency.

APA Format with in text citation

3–5 pages


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