Current Public Health Issues Paper

Must be 3 pages double spaced needs a work cited page. Must select any current public health even to on going health people, deem a professional and reputable publication like LA Times, New York Times, Times, Newsweek, Health related websites. Fact sheetsare not acceptablesources for the summary paper. The chosen topics/publications must be current. Students must site the source of the information and attach the article to the summary.

Provide an objective overview of the public health issue, what issue is the article highlighting; discuss why this is a public health issue.

Discuss the causes of the current(2018-2019)problem and describe the severity of the problem (Who is affected, what are the current statistics)

Identify public health agencies involved (or should be involved) with this issue. (What steps are being taken to address the current problem?)

NO PLAGIARISM cite in the text if you are quoting from the article

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