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Data Communications – from it’s origins and moving forward, Healthcare might be cordoned into two distinct highways, one of delivering prevention and one of delivering sick care. It’s very difficult to provide them both with absolute quality although many health systems throughout the U.S. attempt to be all things to all people in serving their communities. This being said, health education is often times confused with prevention interventions. Therefore, systems miss individuals and chronic preventable illness continues to rise as well as expenditures.

At this point and almost through your course work for the MPH Informatics, you have accumulated enough knowledge to articulate science and evidence based facts, thoughts, on topics in healthcare. Remember, finding your voice as experts moving forward. With this in mind, if you had to choose working on either the sick care side or prevention side of healthcare, which side would you choose? Based on the development of health information technology, HIT, platforms today and potential for the near future, please defend your choice and cite your sources. Some key word examples, the benefits of health information technology in treating a sick population; health information technology as a chronic disease prevention tool.

This paper should be no less than 10 pages explaining the type of HIT you would implement, it’s strengths, it’s limitations, has it been successfully used, within which populations, the impact and outcomes achieved or that may be achievable within the side of sick care or prevention you choose to work on.

Looking forward to some good and solid thoughts.

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