Data in qualitative studies are collected through interviews writing assignment help

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“Data in qualitative studies are collected through interviews, focus groups, observation, and review of documents” (Burns & Grove, 2011) and this data management, analysis, and interpretation require clear procedures to ensure methodological rigor and credibility of the findings. Managing qualitative databases can be applied to both manual and electronic analyses.  Documentation of data activity is essential to maintaining data integrity and facilitating efficient write-ups during analysis. A competent system for tracking, processing and managing data is key to the successful and timely completion of a research study. The following are ways to organize these data:

1)  Keeping copies of important information. A data management system should also be backed up and backups updated as data preparation and analysis proceeds.

2)  Arranging field notes or researcher commentary in a chronological, genre, cast-of-characters, event or activity, topical or quantitative data file schema.

3)  Creating a system for labeling and storing interviews. This includes a unique name or case identifier for each file that communicates crucial information about the file to researchers.

4)  Cataloging all documents and artifacts.

5)  Providing for the safe storage of all materials.

6)  Checking for missing data.

7)  Developing a process for reading and reviewing text.

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