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Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction

5.0 pts

The presentation includes an introduction to a nursing problem or issue. The problem or issue is adequately defined, the prevalence is clearly stated and the significance of the problem including the PICOT question is fully described. Appropriate references are used to support the significance and prevalence of the problem.

1.25 pts

There is an identification of a nursing problem or issue, but it is not well defined and/or its significance and prevalence is not well stated. The references used in the introduction include the articles reviewed for this presentation or are not from professional sources or not relevant to the topic.

0.0 pts

Central problem not identified.


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRecommendations for Practice/Research

10.0 pts

Specific recommendations for practice change using an evidence-based practice model is clearly stated and are firmly grounded in quality and level of the evidence reviewed. The evidence used to support the recommendations is clearly made

2.5 pts

Recommendations for practice change are not clearly described, the evidence-based model is incorrectly used and the recommendation stated is not firmly grounded in the evidence reviewed. The support for the recommendations is not clear. .

0.0 pts

Recommendations may be present but is likely to be only a few lines of summary. Demonstrates serious inadequacy.


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGuideline/Policy/ Protocol

3.0 pts

The closing statement(s) in the conclusion clearly stated what you have learned. The recommendation for practice change is based on the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.

0.75 pts

There is inadequate presentation for the practice change. The practice change is not based on the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.

0.0 pts

There is no presentation of the guideline, protocol, or policy in relation to the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA/Grammar

2.0 pts

Demonstrates full control of APA format and style including proper citation format. Virtually free of sentence level errors: grammatical, typographical, and word choice.

0.5 pts

Adequately adheres to APA forms and style including proper citation format, with likely deviations and lapses. May contain some consistent patterns of sentence level error: grammatical, typographical, and word choice. Pervasiveness of error does not impede

0.0 pts

Presentation demonstrates serious inadequacy in APA/grammar


Total Points: 20.0


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