De Anza College First Encounters Between Europeans and The Indigenous Peoples of The Americas

Many of the first encounters between Europeans and the indigenous peoples of the Americas were surrounded by violence and cultural conflict. Compare the cases of Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortez. What were these two men intending to do? How did they see their missions? Why is the case of Columbus often view much more favorably than that of Cortez?

Make”sure”your”introduction”clearly”lays”out”what”you”will”be”arguing. Indent”your”paragraphs.

Avoid”the”use”of”personal”pronouns”in”your”essay.Be”sure”to”use”transitional”sentences”to”get”from”one”paragraph”to”the”next. Check”for”runCon”sentences”that”need”to”be”broken”up”into”smaller”units.

Break”up”long”blocks”of”text”into”smaller”paragraphs ;Remember”to”cite”your”sources”as”you”use”them”throughout”your”paper; Place”any”footnotes”you”have”at”the”end”of”the”sentence. Number”your”pages.

Make”a”point”of”proofreading”through”your”paper”when”you”are”done”to”catch”any”errors”you”may”have”accidentally”overlooked. Remove”any”spaces”between”your”paragraphs. 7″pages”means”7″pages

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