“Decline Memo”, computer science homework help

Course Objective(s) to be Achieved:

·  Correctly select, plan, and compose letters, resumes, memoranda, and reports.

·  Explain business communication concepts, methodologies, and formats.

·  Participate effectively in business discussions with peers.

·  Critically review work, accept suggestions, and make revisions.

·  Describe non-verbal behavior, including elements of professional appearance and conduct.

Assignment: Create a professionally formatted memo denying a co-worker a promotion and offering advice to help him/her attain their goal of promotion next year.

Assignment Instructions:  This negative message assignment includes not only bad news delivery skills, but also skills in appraising performances and instructing and motivating employees to improvement.

Your average-performing employee has asked for an increase in rank and salary.  Write a one-page, single-spaced (250-400 word) memorandum tactfully denying his/her request.  Give the employee suggestions and encouragement that could help him/her attain the goal within the next year.  Students should make this letter realistic: give names (assign names that allow anonymity), make the company and position(s) they are striving for known.

Tips for Success:

·  Insure your memo is clearly organized, following the indirect approach: 1) criteria, 2) reasons they did not meet criteria, 3) refusal, 4) alternative, 5) positive close.

·  Your memo should be written with appropriate content, organization, tone, syntax, punctuation, and rhetorical moves of a bad news message.

·  Convince the reader with observations and warrant (e.g., the job description of the position sought) of performance rather than inferences.

·  Motivate the reader to improve performance, in part by conveying a hope of improvement.

·  Opening paragraph should relate to the reader’s concerns, avoiding misleading statements. There should be a natural transition in tone shift between the buffer and body of the letter.

·  The message should include at the top or immediately after a buffer a description of the job duties and demands (criteria for the job).

·  The letter should adequately address why the employee does not meet the criteria of the job before declaring refusal.

·  Offers suggestions for improving performance so the employee is in a “win-win” situation for the future.  End your letter on a positive note to avoid further problems.

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