Definition: Public Issue is an issue that is of mutual concern to an organization (company) and one

Definition: Public Issue is an issue that is of mutual concern to an organization (company) and one or more of its external stakeholdersoften has public policy implications

1) What is the public issue facing companies that source garments from Bangladesh? Please describe the issue, and explain why it is a public issue Be sure to explain what stakeholders are affected, and why the issue is of concern to many people and groups

2) Who bears responsibility for the unsafe working conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry? Please consider the responsibility of the following groups: US and European retailers and brands; clothing buyers; the owners and managers of supplier factories; the governments of Bangladesh, the United States, and European nations; Bangladeshi workers and their organizations; and activist nongovernmental organizations

3) What do you think should be done to improve working conditions and prevent more tragedies in the future? Please present various options, and say what you think would be the best way to improve working conditions in the Bangladesh garment industry Possible solutions might include changes in the law (in Bangladesh or other countries); changes in enforcement; worker organization and mobilization; voluntary private regulation (agreements among and actions by companies); or actions by consumers Please be specific For example, if you recommend voluntary private regulation, which initiative do you support, and why? If you recommend changes in the law, what changes do you recommend? If you recommend actions by workers or consumers, what should they do?

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