Describe how bacteria grow

Now those bacteria are starting to grow! To remind yourself, watch this video onbacterial growth (Links to an external site.).       Oh no! Explain how bacteria grow by describing these four concepts below.  Draw a picture and use words to help you explain what is going on.  Be sure to include AND label all of the following key terms:1) How do enzymes work?Enzyme (enzymes are proteins!)Active siteSubstrate(s)Product(s)Chemical reaction2) Cell wall synthesisPeptidoglycanCell wall synthesis enzymesPeptidoglycan cross linksCell wallWhat is the function of the cell wall?3) Protein synthesisTranscriptionDNA, mRNA, RNA polymeraseTranslationmRNA, proteins, ribosomesWhat is the function of proteins?Where would you find proteins in the cell?4) DNA replicationDNA ReplicationNucleotides, DNA polymerase, DNAChromosomesWhat is the function of chromosomes?Where would you find a chromosome in a bacterial cell?3) Then write a Discussion post that answers everything on the checklist (including your drawings) in a story.

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