Describe the characteristics of spinning and flash media computer science homework help

Need answer for two Questions

1.  Research/Critical Thinking/Short Essay (2 t0 3 pages)

•  Describe the characteristics of spinning and flash media along with the pros and cons of each.

•  Identify the key difference in the various RAID levels and their usages.

•  Explain cache and how it can benefit spinning media storage environments.

•  Explain the differences between thin and thick volumes and when each is beneficial to utilize.

•  Essay should be at least 450, but not more than 600 words.

•  Recommend making this due on the last day of the week.

•  Proper APA style required

2.  Utilizing the topic below, post an original thread of 350 to 550 words each in this week’s discussion forum. (20 points)

•  A junior storage systems administrator is given a new project to decide what RAID level to place the new security system camera feed on. He decides on RAID. Do you think this isa good idea? Why or Why Not?

• Proper APA style required

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