describe your persona that you are presenting to the world based on clothes hair personality etc descriptive essay help

-descriptive essay 

(((i just want the 1st body paragraph and i want just the topic sentences for the 2nd body and the 3rd body paragraphs ))) !

describe your persona that you are presenting to the world based on clothes , hair , personality ,etc..

                                                        ((here is the introduction)) 

     The clothes we wear and the style of our hair is closely associated with our personality, which influences our social interactions with others. Although the nature of cloth we adorn at a particular period of time may be determined by conditions in our environment, the style and type of fashion materials are usually the same since they are tied to our personality. I am of the opinion that my confident, optimistic and outgoing personality is reflected in the kind of clothes I wear on a daily basis, in spite of the influence of my Middle Eastern cultural background. Thob is the conventional cloth worn by most people from the Middle East. My personality as a casual dresser enables me to blend the thob for every occasion without compromising my style and arrangement. The use of accessories such as a piece of jewelry or silk scarf makes it possible for me to differentiate myself from the conventional Arabian person and fit into an audience without being lost in the crowd. To complement my clothing style and consistently communicate my personality to people I encounter on a day-to-day basis, I ensure that my soft dark brown hair is well treated and made to retain its color and blend with whatever clothing item I decide to wear. The key information I usually like to present to people, especially during my first encounter with them, is that I am confident, successful, and attractive

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