Descriptive Epidemiology Report

Please be sure to organize your report using section headers to clearly indicate which part of the assignment you are addressing (i.e. do not write in a classic essay format).1)Define the health disorder: Colon Cancera.  Clearly describe the symptoms, disease prognoses, type of infectious agent, if applicable, significance of this disease2)Distribution section – this is the most important part of the assignment!a.  Must provide quantitative incidence, prevalence and mortality measures to describe person, place and time aspects of the disease’s distribution!b.  Quality of tools used (tables, graphs, maps)?c.  Information clearly cited within the body of the report and referenced completely at the end?d.  Described host characteristics?e.  Environmental attributes discussed clearly?f.  Any temporal characteristics to the disease’s distribution?g.  Other patterns or trends?3)Summation:a.  Conclusions and summary of any current hypotheses to explain the described distributionsb.  Identification of any gaps in knowledge about the distributionThe overall quality of writing, organization, basic “grammar” and comprehension issues will also be considered.

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