Discovery of General Laws in Economics Essay

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Albert Einstein wrote an essay in 1949, here is the link.

Please write a 750 word paper using the following questions. Make sure you write the paper in your own words and if you decide to use a source, make sure you reference the source. I’m not interest in reading a paper that paraphrases everything. This paper will automatically be checked for plagiarism. The paper must be uploaded, the tab is labeled Albert Einstein.

1: In Einstein’s view what makes it difficult for the discovery of general laws in economics?

2: What phase is Thorstein Veblen referring to with respect to our human development?

3: In Einstein’s view what is the purpose of socialism?

4: In Einstein’s view man is in what two states simultaneously is constantly in?

5: in Einstein’s view what is the abstract meaning of society?

6: Is it possible in Einstein’s opinion that man can be completely independent?

7: In Einstein’s view what is the real sources of evil?

8: If private capital tends to be concentrated in few hands, what potential problems may develop?

9: In Einstein’s view what is the most crippling evil of capitalism?

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