Discuss the relationship between staffing and business strategy, management assignment help

  1. Discuss the relationship between staffing and business strategy.

  2. Compare & Contrast: HRP & Succession Planning.

  3. Compare & Contrast: EEO & AAP.

  4. Compare and contrast selection methods appropriate for external vs. internal selection.

  5. Discuss the role of job analysis in the staffing process.

  6. One writer describes selection as “hypothesis testing.” Explain.

  7. Why is effective measurement important to HR selection?

  8. A male scored three points higher than a female on a selection test. The female was hired. The male filed a reverse discrimination case on the basis of unfair use of test scores for selection. What evidence would he have to provide to support his claim (alternatively what evidence would the company have to provide to support its hiring decision)?

  9. What employment laws are enforced by the EEOC? Describe in some detail one that was passed in 2008.

Just need these answered in short essay as they relate to HRM.

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