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In Chapters 1-4 Krakauer lays the framework for his narrative. All writers must establish their credibility early on–this is know as ethos. We as readers are necessarily concerned with the truthfulness of Krakauer’s narrative, so Krakauer puts us at ease right away by using McCandless’ own words to begin. The book begins with a postcard McCandless sent to his friend Wayne Westerberg that includes an ominous phrase: “[t]his is the last you will hear from me” (3).

In your 350 word entry, discuss the strategies Krakauer uses in chapters 1-4 to establish the veracity (truthfulness) of his narrative. You will need to reference or quote the text (and do note that your quotations do not count towards your word count.) In an effort to establish our interest in McCandless, Krakauer is dealing with competing rhetorical issues: how to get the reader engaged, but also how to keep the narrative factual. How is this handled? I really want you to look at the construction of this text, and not only the plot of the text. For example, how and why are McCandless’ own writings used? How are eyewitness accounts incorporated? Why? What impact does this have on the reader?


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