Discussion Question – Cultural Diversity, management homework help


Identify Poka Yoke opportunities for each of the three deficiencies noted above. Specifically, respond to the following:

  • What visual cues could be provided for heavy items that could alert workers to an unsafe condition? Why do you think these visual cues would be helpful?
  • Are there audible or visual cues that could be used to signal an improper package is leaving the facility? What are they and how could this be beneficial in standardizing this process?
  • How could you change the processes to establish hand tool and packaging accountability? Also, explain how these changes may help to prevent, reduce, and/or eliminate inconsistencies


Discussion Question – Cultural Diversity

Imagine you are asked to participate in a panel discussion on cultural diversity at a college in Birmingham, Alabama. As part of your discussion on the importance of cultural diversity to all types of organizations, you are asked to comment on the diversity of customers, clients, and suppliers as a driver of the need for organizational diversity.

Which three key aspects of this topic would you talk about? Explain why you chose these three aspects. Use examples to illustrate your point.


  • How can leaders establish a command climate that fosters Mission Command?
  • What practices hinder the execution of mission oriented orders?
  • How do the principles of Mission Command apply to training, maintenance, and other key tasks in units?
  • How have the advent of Mission Command information systems (CPOF, etc.) effected the implementation of the philosophy of Mission Command?


What is your evaluation of the service delivery system for the agency or organization you used in previous assignments? (Housing department)Do you agree or disagree with the way its goods are delivered? Explain your answer. How might you deliver benefits differently if you were in charge?

2-What are some similarities and differences amongst the delivery systems mentioned in Ch. 6 of Social Policy and Social Programs. What do you think agencies should want in terms of so-called good service and benefit delivery? Explain your answer.

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