Discussion Questions

1.) Needs and Requirements. Please respond to the following:

The importance of needs and specifications cannot be undervalued in the supply chain decision making for a purchasing agent (or any member involved in bids and contracting). Quality, quantity, delivery, price and service are important criteria in the bid and acquisition processes.

The ability to translate organizational needs into strategic and non strategic commercial equivalents, needs and exact specifications can be challenging. It is critical for the supply professional to apply keen judgment to include criteria that is relevant for specific needs.

2.) Read Case 6-3 Carson Manor (found it online)

After reading through the case, think about and answer the following questions:

Discuss the objectives of this study and the role of purchasing and supply division in achieving them.

Evaluate the proposals and recommend a consultant for selection. Briefly justify your choice.

Do you believe the RFP addressed the relevant specific needs?

Was the process used to solicit proposals effective once reviewing the RFP responses? If so, how? If not, how could it be improved?

3.) Discussion: The Restaurant Business (20 points)

  • Compare and contrast a freestanding restaurant and a hotel restaurant to differentiate them (in terms of demographics served, traffic patterns, etc.).
  • The location of a restaurant is very important to its financial success. Analyze key location criteria to determine which two are the most important to a restaurant’s success.
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