Discussion Questions

1) The exclusionary rule is the subject of some controversy. Would you be in favor of the Court eliminating the exclusionary rule? Or do you think we need the exclusionary rule? Support your position.

2) Do you agree with the Court’s decision in Herring v. U.S. (2009)? Why or why not?

1) Find some news articles reporting on crimes committed. Describe the facts of the crime and tell us which layer of the criminal justice wedding cake each crime would be in. Give details and rationale supporting your assessment of which layer it belongs in.

2) Why is prior relationship a factor in the decision making process of criminal justice officials? Is it possible to completely eliminate consideration of whether the defendant and victim have a prior relationship from criminal justice officials’ decision making? If it is possible, would it be desirable? What are the trade-offs in deciding whether to eliminate prior relationship as a decision making factor? If you were a criminal justice official (police chief, elected prosecutor, etc.), what policies would you set regarding this issue?

3) What impact have celebrated cases had on your perceptions of crime and the criminal justice system? What have you learned in your criminology courses that replaces those media-based perceptions with facts about the reality of crime and the criminal justice system?

4) Defend arguments that the criminal justice system is either tough or soft on offenders

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