discussion questions

Learning Activity #1 (Ladies respond to the pro side/ and Gentleman to con side)

Debate the following question:

A good leader creates an organizational culture where the employees are so engaged in the work that the organization fades into the background.

To make sure that both sides of the argument is covered ladies of the class you have the “Pro” side while gentlemen of the class, you have the “Con” side. You must explain in your main post the difference between passionate and empowered employees. Here is an article to add your reading that suggest some negative as well as positive ideas of passionate employees vs empowered employees.

Don’t ask employees to passionate about the company Into the realm of passionmotivation=empowermentmotivation equals empowerment

Learning Activity #2

Answer the following questions and support your answers from the weekly reading:

If a leader’s job is to develop the future of the organization how does motivation and empowerment fit in to this role? Be sure to explain the difference between the two ideas and ways that both motivation and empowerment should be used in the job the leader does.

Why is it important for the leader to empower? Why can’t the manager do the job? OR do they both do the job?

What is meant by structural empowerment? Why is it important to the leader?

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