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REPLY TO THIS DISCUSSION, INCLUDE NO REFERENCES, WORD COUNT OVER 120Alexis Jackson-Potts,For this week’s discussion, everything we as humans do on this planet sparked my interest. From taking this Ecological Footprint Quiz it extended my knowledge on how everything that I eat, to what kind of home I live in, how much electricity I use, the way I get to and from work and the type of car, and how often I travel a year all plays a factor in the ecosystem. Based on my results from the quiz, it stated if everyone lived like me, we would need 4.3 Earths. My results were quite shocking because I figured I lived a simple life. It is insane to know my Footprint is higher than I excepted. My Footprint is higher than the average Footprint per person. After researching, I found the average Footprint is 1.6 piles of Earth per person (Ecological Footprint). Learning this shows how I use more ecological resources and services than what nature can regenerate (Ecological Footprint). I honestly do not do things to lessen my Footprint because the way I control my lifestyle is very effective for my family and me. I moved from Europe, so my habits of recycling have improved over the years. I definitely think Global warming has a major effect on the planet because of the new challenges humans and animals have to face due to climate change, and it is only getting worse (Effects of Climate Change). As it worsens, weather patterns are becoming more frequent, and human and animal environments are decreasing (Effects of Climate Change). After researching, to avoid further destructions, the planet needs to reduce global carbon emissions and work with other countries to further prevent dangerous outcomes to protect the plant (Effects of Climate Change). Now, will that happen? Absolutely not because every country has its own opinions.Thank you!Word Count: 300References:“Ecological Footprint.” Global Footprint Network, www.footprintnetwork.org/our-work/ecological-footprint/.“Effects of Climate Change.” WWF, World Wildlife Fund, www.worldwildlife.org/threats/effects-of-climate-change.

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