DMM333 Firm Risk Scorecard for Apple Inc Discussion Board Questions

Let’s revisit the FIRM Risk Scorecard this week. Review the elements and examples of dependencies on table format. These tables are used to calculate a Riskiness Index. Using the scoring grid briefly describe the type and purpose of an organization (you may select the one you are associated with or another you are familiar with – ex: ABC Dialysis Unit, 500 active patients, 1500 annual patient treatments, located in a lower socioeconomic area of an urban environment). Using the format on table 17.2 Pages 158, 159,160 assign a score to each of the components (Financial, Infrastructure, Repetitional, and Marketplace. Report your total “riskiness index” number for each component. Briefly discuss what you might need to do to mitigate the component with the highest score.

700 words APA style

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