Dual mandate situations are management challenges of monumental proportions, Resort 2 quiz, management homework help

Dual mandate situations are management challenges of monumental proportions. (Points : 1)


Many industries are being impacted by the aging population, i.e., Baby Boomers. The resort industry is no different. Aging and retirement (Points : 1)

  are major concerns for management to fill staffing requirements in the future
  offer new opportunities for resorts and their guests
  provide a special challenge for the resort industry
  are minor concerns when compared to the reduction in personal income

The Internet has (Points : 1)

  allowed resorts to get their sales message out to customers directly
  enabled middlemen in the tourism industry to improve their offerings
  not significantly impacted resort management
  reduced the flexibility of pricing and revenue management

Social/cultural seasonality factors include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  holiday pattern

Various professional tours have (Points : 1)

  a local focus when setting up their tours
  provided an opportunity to obtain great exposure for the resort and its facilities
  led to a decline in the sports tourism segment of the industry
  a licensing fee which prohibits local resorts from participating in their marketing efforts

. State governments generally support national policies when they match the state’s aspirations for development and resorts (Points : 1)

  represent a threat to this mutual development
  lobby to capitalize on this development
  stand to gain nothing from these efforts
  have been viewed as one path to regional development

Question 8. 8. One major issue in the area of corporate governance that has particular relevance to the resort sector is (Points : 1)

  the growing separation between ownership and management control of the resort and its businesses
  an increasing lack of communication with shareholders
  a tightening of funding from public banks
  changes in the tax codes

Question 10. 10. A strategy for dealing with seasonality issues is (Points : 1)

  differential pricing
  out-of-season attractions and activities
  market diversification
  all of the above

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